Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Idols- Where are they now?

First off, I want to say a big thank you to my step-mom for the last suggestion to write about Clay Aiken. Someone at this Clay Aiken fan site found my blog post and put a link to it on that site. That got me a lot of views so again, if the person from there is reading this, thank you!!

So because my step-mom’s pick last time brought me a lot of traffic, I’ll see if her pick this time can bring me a lot of traffic. So my next pick will be Amy Adams came in 10th place on season 3 of American Idol in 2004. Before she went on Idol she lived in Bakersfield, California as a professional makeup artist. She has one son who was born in May 2005. In September 2005 she toured with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Then in August of 2009 she joined with Garden Pathways Inc. Performing Arts daycare and American Sound Recording Studios in Bakersfield, CA for a weeklong singing camp for kids 12-18. She got married to Adam Miller on November 20, 2010.

Here is a picture of Amy at her American Idol audition.

And here is the most recent picture I found of her.

She looks completely different because the last time I saw a picture of her, she looked like this:

So as for what she is doing anymore, I have no idea and I couldn’t find much about what she is up to. I just searched for her on iTunes and nothing came up. All that came up was the actress Amy Adams who was in Enchanted. So I guess she is just one of those Idol alums that went back to being a nobody. Which is kind of sad because I really liked her! And she could have gone somewhere!! I guess the contestants from the earlier seasons are kind of at a disadvantage because the show wasn’t really a big hit then.

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  1. Wow, she does look different! So pretty!

  2. That's so cool!! I always wonder what becomes of people - famous or not - this was a really cool follow up (she looks SO much better now)

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train - hope to see you there again real soon!


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