Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glee does Gaga…again

Here we go...90 minutes of Glee!!! I hope this one is better than last week! I think it will be though.

Rachel is getting a nose job? Her nose is fine, she doesn't need it!

I think this is a great theme for Glee- acceptance. I already love this episode!!

The picture of what Rachel's nose would look like if she got a nose job looks way too much like Quinn's. I can't believe she's actually going to go through with it. Maybe she'll change her mind.

I hope Santana's plan to get Kurt back to McKinley works! The Glee Club needs him!!!

Kurt is back!!!! I'm sad he is leaving the Warbler's though!! I hope we still see them on the show! We should at least keep seeing Blaine though! I love the song "Somewhere Only We Know"!! It reminds me of when Blake Lewis sang it on "American Idol".

What?? Quinn used to be named Lucy and she looked different? Wow!! That is crazy!!! She got a nose job and changed her name to Quinn, which is actually her middle name.

The thing with Kurt and Rachel at the mall where they all started dancing, it reminded me of one of those improv things. I wonder if that is what they are trying to mimic.

So Emma went to a psychologist and spent 48 minutes of her 50 minute time cleaning the chair. She needs some serious help!

The Glee club members all had to make a shirt with a word that represents their biggest insecurities. I loved what they all said!!!

Will- Butt Chin
Quinn- Lucy Caboosey
Kurt- Likes Boys
Brittany- I’m With Stoopid (With an arrow that points up to herself)
Mike- Can’t Sing
Tina- Brown Eyes
Mercedes- No Weave
Artie- Four Eyes
Finn- Can’t Dance
Puck- I’m With Stupid (With an arrow facing down)
Sam- Trouty Mouth
Lauren- Bad Attitude
Emma- First it said “Ginger” then later she had one that said “OCD”
Santana- She was gonna put “B****” but then Brittany made one for her that said “Lebanese

I loved "Born this Way"!! That was my favorite song of the night!! I am definitely downloading that!!

Well, that's all I've got about Glee tonight. 16 and Pregnant is on soon, can't wait for that! Leave me comments!

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  1. I think Mike's shirt was funny because the actor was hired as a dancer, not a singer, but when his character gained popularity, he got a bigger role....but I don't think he can sing in real life so they can't give him songs.


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