Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worst song ever!!!

So I think I’ve come across the worst song and video ever! It’s by Rebecca Black and is called “Friday”. Her video somehow managed to get more than 2.2 million views on YouTube over this past weekend. Tosh.o from Comedy Central posted it on his blog with the headline “Songwriting Isn’t For Everyone”, and then the video took off. But the video didn’t get that many views because of it being good, the singer being attractive or gifted, or the fact that it was the weekend. It only got attention because it is so bad! See, the song came a Los Angeles-based company called the Ark Music Factory, which sends out casting calls looking for singers between 13 and 17 to record songs. If all goes well, they will become overnight YouTube stars. “Friday” is Ark’s first major hit and hopefully it is the last. I’m sorry, but the song just really sucks. So here you go, watch it if you want, but I’m not saying you have to. It will be ok if this is one song you never hear. But, just for fun you should check it out just to see how horrible it is.

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