Monday, March 28, 2011

How many of these 15 places have you visited?

I found an article called “15 Places kids should see by age 15”. I thought it would be interesting to look through the list and see how many of them I have visited.

The first place is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I have not been there but I would like to get there someday. I’ve seen pictures and videos of it and it looks gorgeous! What I would love to see there is the Skywalk which is a U-shaped, glass-bottom observation deck that juts 70 feet over the Canyon’s West Rim and sits 4,000 feet about the Colorado River. I remember hearing about it when it got built just 4 years ago. I think it would probably take me a while to get the courage to walk on it though, because 4,000 feet down is huge!!!

The next place is Redwood National Park in California. I never even heard of this place, so I’m sure I’ll never get there. 

Next is Monticello in Virginia. This is the home of Thomas Jefferson. I remember being there when I was around 12 or 13 with my grandparents. This is definitely a place that any kid that lives on the east coast should get to.

The Freedom Trail in Massachusetts is next. Again,l I never heard of this one, but by the description of this place, it seems like it is very educational.

Niagara Falls in New York is another place I’ve been. But I don’t remember being there because I was really young. One thing I do remember though is that my mom woke up in the middle of the night (she was on the top bunk of bunk beds in a trailer) and she broke her ankle.

The next place is the National Mall in Washington, DC. I have been there and I would love to go back sometime. What I really want to do is goo to the Smithsonian Museum where the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz are located. My mom and I saw them there before, but they were traveling. I read somewhere that they are now in DC so I’d like to go back and see them again.  I would also just love to walk around and take tons of pictures.

Williamsburg, Virginia is the next place, and it is also a place I haven’t visited. I remember always seeing commercials for Williamsburg and wanting to go there but I never got the chance.

The next place is a place I have been and is a place I can’t wait to visit again!! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait until I have kids. The place I’m talking about is Walt Disney World in Florida!!! I was there twice actually. The first time I was 8 and the second time was just last year, when I was 19 (almost 20). And to tell you the truth, I had more fun the second time!! I think it was because there was more I could do since I was older. I think taking kids is a great experience for them, but you just don’t want them to be too young because then they won’t remember it. I think kids should get to go twice, once when they are young and can enjoy the kiddie stuff and then once again when they are older so they can do more stuff.

Independence Hall in Pennsylvania is another place I’ve been. And it makes sense that I’ve been there since I’m from PA. I’m pretty sure that almost every kid that lives in the Eastern part of PA has been there. The article mentioned a 90 minute ghost tour that I never did, but I think that would be kind of cool.

Another place on the list that I never heard of is Alcatraz Island in California. And again, this is probably a place that I won’t ever make it to.

I have been to Ellis Island in New York and saw the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t get to go in it though, so I’d like to go back some day to visit.

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho is a place I’ve heard of and don’t actually know that much about. I know that there are geysers and hot springs there though.

A place I will probably never visit is Fenway Park in Massachusetts. The article does say though that “even die-hard Yankees fans have to admit that visiting Major League Baseball’s oldest stadium is an exercise in Americanism.” I am a Yankees fan but I don’t think I would go to Massachusetts just to visit Fenway Park.

The Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve in Idaho would  be interesting to see someday.

The last place on the list, the San Diego Zoo in California, is another place that would be neat to go to. I love zoos and aquariums (I love aquariums more though).

So I have been to 6 of the 15 places and would be interested in visiting 5 more of them if I got the chance. Let me know which places you have been to and which ones you would like to visit.

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  3. LOL, I don't know that I have been to any of those places!

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  4. I saw a similar article on the yahoo homepage that I was looking at with Grant yesterday...Here is where I have been. Grand Canyon, Monticello(with you!), Niagara Falls, National Mall, Williamsburg (?), Walt Disney World x5, Independence Hall, Ellis Island (been past it in a ferry) Wait a minute! That was with you!!!!!, and Yellowstone National Park. So my count is 9, 13 if you count each time I went to Disney!

  5. I am following you from the Tuesday Blog Hop! I Luved the Redwood forest in Cali & the one time I visted the National Mall in D.C. it was under repairs but worth seeing Lincoln! - I hope I get a chance to take the kiddos there someday - Have any suggestions for things along I-10 from Texas to Florida and then up to North Carolina? I am totally lost!

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