Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another season has come to an end…

Season finale…here we go!!! The preview looked really good!! My oh my, what a season it has been.

I’m excited to see Leah and Corey’s wedding!! Whenever I see or hear anything about weddings, it makes me super excited for mine!!!

I’m glad Chelsea’s dad wants to get Adam’s car towed. It shouldn’t be there because he doesn’t live there anymore. He needs to get all of his stuff out of there.

Kailyn is lucky to have her mom on her side. I’m surprised that we haven’t heard anything about Kailyn’s dad since the episode where she met him. I guess she never wants to see him again and doesn’t want him in her life.

Wow, I can’t believe that Janelle is keeping it a secret that she’s with Kiefer still. I had thought they broke up. And they both went to jail?? Wow, I can’t believe her!! It doesn’t surprise me though. Her mom has given her too many second chances. She should let her sit in jail for a while so that Janelle can think about her life a little bit. Although I don’t think her doing any thinking will make a difference. I really hope that she had a wake up call and will never talk to Kiefer again. I don’t see why she doesn’t get that he isn’t good for her. It’s about time that she realizes her mom was right.

Good!! I’m glad Janelle (might have) finally learned her lesson. I hope she doesn’t think about letting Kiefer out of jail. He isn’t her problem anymore, let someone else deal with him.

I’m gonna do like Leah and Corey, my fiancé and I won’t see each other the night before our wedding. And the first time we’ll see each other will be when I’m walking down the aisle. I can’t wait for that moment!!

I’m glad that Chelsea is smart and is forgetting about Adam. She needs to talk to Janelle and talk some sense into her!

It’s good that Janelle is actually starting to improve and work on her life. Paying back her mom’s credit card is a great start. That was a touching moment when Janelle and her mom were hugging. It’s something I never thought we would see happen.

Leah looks so pretty!! I can’t wait to see her in her dress! And I can’t wait to see the actual wedding!!

I haven’t said much about Kailyn and Jo yet. I think it is wise for them to actually get a custody agreement in place so that they don’t have any problems in the future. They just need to learn how to be civil towards each other. They have a child together which means they are going to have to talk to each other now and then.

Janelle shouldn’t tell Kiefer she doesn’t know if she is still with him. She needs to flat out tell him they are through!! She should not be missing him at all because he is no good for her!

Leah’s girls look so cute in their dresses!! I especially love the bows on their heads! It brought tears to my eyes as Leah was putting her dress on! That’s going to be me in about 2 years!!! It is still hard to believe!!!

Wait, did Jo just call Kailyn mentally ill? How is she mentally ill? He is being a jerk!! I feel really bad for Isaac.  He doesn’t deserve to be around the bad language that both his parents are using.

I can’t believe that Janelle bailed out Kiefer!!!! I sorta figured she would do that. And she’s considering going back with him after all she’s been through? He isn’t going to change and Janelle just needs to wake up and see that. Wow, his bail was $2,000 but the lady got it down to $200 if someone over 21 would sign for her. That is ridiculous! And now Janelle’s friend is basically in charge of Kiefer going to court and if he doesn’t, he has to pay the full $2,000. Actually he’s probably going to make Janelle pay it, which I totally agree with.

Yay, it’s time to see the wedding!!! Awww, she was crying before she even walked down the aisle!! I have tears in my eyes watching her cry!! The girls looked so cute going down the aisle in the wagon!! And again, I’m crying while watching them say their vows!! I still cant’ believe that that will be me in 2 years!!  This has definitely been my favorite part of Teen Mom ever!!!! I’m glad they had a happy ending!!

Well, that’s it for the season finale of Teen Mom 2! But it won’t be the last time I blog about this group of girls. I’m not sure when it is, but there will be a special where they all sit down with Dr. Drew. So I will definitely watch that and write about it.

What were your thoughts about the finale? Favorite parts? Least favorite parts? Leave me comments!!!

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  1. I've only caught bits and pieces of this season, but I must say, it's interesting (and mildly addictive). Above all though, I respect Leah's commitment to her girls, and the strength she exemplifies in dealing with her little one's impairment.

    Newly following through the Tuesday Blog Hop!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. Okay, first of all, why is Jenelle even talking to Kieffer? He pretty much stole her car, let alone the other stuff. Ugh. Second, I feel as if Jo's actions come from his pain and desire to have a family with Karlyn and Isaac, but that doesn't make his actions right. Can't wait for the recap next week!


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