Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glee- Rocky Horror Show

So…I’m a fan of Glee, in case you can’t tell from this post. So tonight’s episode was different from any Glee episode we’ve seen before. I saw Rocky Horror Picture, but that was a while ago and I don’t remember anything about it. So maybe if I did remember what it was about, I would have understood it better. One thing I wanna say though about this episode, I didn’t like Becky’s lines. I just think it is horrible the way they portray kids with special needs. I love Glee, I just don’t like the message they are giving (maybe without knowing) about kids with disabilities. They need to be more sensitive about things like that.

I really wanna see Will get with Emma. That scene with Emma singing to him…wow!!! I bet Will was loving that!!! But I doubt that Will is gonna get Emma, she’s gonna be stuck with Carl.

One more thing….why do we have to wait 2 more weeks for a new episode?? We  had to wait 2 weeks to see tonight’s. I’m not liking this Fox!!!!

Well, that’s all for now, goodnight everyone :)


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